Lisa Ginter for CUNA Board

A fresh approach to credit union leadership



Lisa Ginter is a 31-year veteran in the credit union industry who is incredibly passionate about credit unions and the preservation of the cooperative model. Lisa began her career as an auditor, working exclusively with credit unions of all asset sizes. She helped many of these organizations with transition planning before landing at CommunityAmerica Credit Union in 1995. Lisa has been a credit union executive for more than 25 years, serving in multiple leadership roles before eventually taking over as CEO in 2015. Lisa’s leadership style is one of understanding the competitive banking category, understanding consumer/member needs and encouraging her team to innovate and provide members with the tools and support they need to experience financial peace of mind. 


A Fresh Approach

Lisa has witnessed great change during her years in the financial services sector, and believes this industry must evolve to have a bigger voice and seat at the table. She currently serves on the Heartland Credit Union Association Board, and had the pleasure of serving on the transitional board for the merger of the Kansas and Missouri Leagues. Her innovative, collaborative, decisive and eloquent leadership style make Lisa an ideal candidate for the CUNA Board. Most importantly, she cares deeply about people and helping them achieve financial peace of mind during their life’s journey. If elected, Lisa will take her role very seriously as a voice representing large credit unions and millions of credit union members across the country.